Learn the Basics of ID4me

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ID4me is a new Digital Identity protocol built entirely on open standards. Once an Identity is established with your domain name, you can use it to sign up and log in to supporting partners’ websites and services.

Why should you use an ID4me identity?

Convenience: One ID can be used for everything instead of having to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Security: No more password recycling or lousy websites leaking your account information. Just log in once at the provider of your choice.

Privacy-minded: You take control of who you give access to your data, and you can revoke your consent at any time. Only you can keep track of it. Nobody else!

Freedom of Choice: The identity will always be portable, meaning you can pick or change your provider.

ID4me solves the problem of needing multiple usernames and passwords to manage for a web presence. For example, to manage a domain, website, ecommerce software, email and marketing tools at IONOS or other hosting providers, you likely need 5+ usernames and passwords currently, and that is just for one single web presence! This problem was such a pain point for our customers, 1&1 IONOS jointly founded the ID4me foundation as a means of creating an open standard to solve this problem. What the foundation created is ID4me: A single sign-on based on open-source technology with the fundamental principles of data protection and portability - completely the opposite of single sign ons from big tech companies. It allows you to create one Digital Identity and one password to easily manage interaction with multiple login partners.

The Future: Imagine One Login for All of Your Wordpress Projects

With ID4me, you can log into your Wordpress site. We are currently working on additional login plugins for other popular CMSes such as Joomla and Drupal.

The ID4me Digital Identity is created with an existing domain name. The Identifier, your future ID Username for logging in and signing up to services, would be, for example, john.mydomain.com. In your Identity Account, you can then store and manage your personal data that third party services (ID4me Login Partners) need to create accounts. Your existing accounts at the login partners can also be attached to your Digital Identity. A password is created at our Authentication Portal once while setting up your account. Once complete, you can use your Identifier at all participating Login Partners.

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