Three Cloud Panel Setup Tasks for New Accounts

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When setting up a new server, there are three tasks you can perform from the 1&1 Cloud Panel which many new users will find useful. Learn how and why to set up a Firewall Policy, Monitoring Policy, and Backup Manager.


  • A 1&1 Serveur Cloud (any operating system)

The 1&1 Cloud Panel

The 1&1 Cloud Panel is the main administration tool for your 1&1 Serveur Cloud account.

1&1 Cloud Panel

You can access the 1&1 Cloud Panel directly at for accounts in the United States.

For accounts in other markets, replace the Top-Level Domain (TLD) with the appropriate country code. For example:

And so forth.

Create a Firewall Policy

By default, only SSH and HTTP access is allowed for a new 1&1 Serveur Cloud. If you would like to allow access on other ports, you will need to create a new Firewall Policy.

The Firewall Policy is a whitelist, which means that only the listed ports will be allowed access. Firewall Policies are found on the 1&1 Cloud Panel at Network > Firewall Policy.

Firewall Policy

For step-by-step instructions on using a Firewall Policy, see the articles Creating a Firewall Policy and Assign a Firewall Policy to a Server.

Create a Monitoring Policy

Monitoring Policies are a free service which monitor a server, and alert you if problems arise. You can set up a Monitoring Policy to monitor processes, ports, and/or server load. The Monitoring Policy can be customized for various thresholds and alert levels.

As a bare minimum, we suggest setting up a Monitoring Policy to alert you if the CPU or RAM usage hits Critical. Other popular uses are to monitor the web server process:

  • CentOS 7: /usr/sbin/httpd
  • Ubuntu 16.04: /usr/sbin/apache2

And the MySQL/MariaDB process:

  • CentOS 7: /usr/libexec/mysqld
  • Ubuntu 16.04: /usr/sbin/mysqld

Monitoring Policies are found on the 1&1 Cloud Panel at Security > Monitoring Policies.

Monitoring Policy

For step-by-step instructions on using a Monitoring Policy, see the article How to Monitor Services on your 1&1 Serveur Cloud.

Configure the Backup Manager

The Backup Manager will create a server backup and store it on your account. It can be configured to back up the entire server or just a specific directory, and you can schedule the Backup Manager to run on any schedule you choose.

For information on how to install and use the Backup Manager on your server, see the 1&1 Serveur Cloud Backup User Manuals.

Please note that there is a small fee for backup storage. The fee is calculated by the size of the backup.