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Redirects redirect a URL to another URL and are evaluated by search engines.

In order to transfer your search engine ranking, i.e. the ranking power of your website, you must choose the right redirect for your website.

In most cases this is a Redirect 301.

HTTP Status Codes Explained for Redirects

Redirects are distinguished by HTTP status codes. You have the choice between the following redirects:

  • 301: Moved Permanently - the page was moved permanently 301
    stands for a permanent redirect. Search engines take over 90% of the ranking power on the target of redirection! Use
    Redirect 301 for all permanent redirects to get your search engine ranking.
  • 302 and 307: Moved Temporarily - the page has been temporarily moved 302
    (HTTP 1.0) and 307 (HTTP 1.1) do not transfer ranking power! Use
    302 and 307 only for temporary redirections, for example during maintenance work on your website.

Create Redirect

If you want to create redirects yourself, see the Redirects tutorials1&1 Centre d'Assistance.

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