Testing and optimization for mobile devices


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Visitors to your website can expect a great experience on mobile devices. Today, a good presentation on the desktop is a matter of course, but not enough. Only with mobile friendly or repsonsive design will your visitors have an optimal experience on all end devices.

This is especially important because Google uses mobile friendliness of websites as a ranking factor. This makes optimization for mobile devices an important prerequisite for a good search engine ranking.

Websites without optimization for mobile devices must reckon with a worse ranking.

Test with the Analyse de Site Webif your website is optimized for mobile devices.

He'll Analyse de Site Webgive you tips on how to easily optimize your online presence.
Present yourself from your best side with a mobile-optimized website and the perfect Internet address.

In addition to other criteria, it Analyse de Site Webalso reliably checks whether your website is optimized for mobile devices: https://digital-success.1und1.de/

Result page of the Analyse de Site Webs

How to test with google whether your Weiseite is optimized for mobile devices

Also google offers a test:https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

Google results page

Optimize your website

Here you will find a compilation of the best sources and tools for Responsive Design/Mobile Friendliness for your CMS:


Mobile Friendliness requires a theme with responsive design. High-quality themes with a good user experience can be found, for example, in the following:

As with WordPress, mobile friendliness requires a template with responsive design.

1&1 MyWebsite and 1&1 Website Builder

All modern layouts of the 1&1 MyWebsiteResponsive Design support and offer your readers a great user experience on smartphones and tablets. Test your website now.

In addition to Responsive Design, the new layouts offer you better customization options for colors, fonts and background and more flexibility in the design of the header. If you are still using an old layout, now would be a great time to switch.

Existing (static) website

Optimize and create websites for smartphones and tablets with 1&1 IONOSMobile Sitebuilder.

  • The 1&1 IONOSMobile Sitebuilder automatically converts your existing website into a mobile presence.

Optically and technically adapted to smartphones and tablets, with intelligent recognition and optimisation of the most frequently requested mobile content.

Google Guidelines for mobile friendly websites

As support for website operators, Google now offers mobile optimization guides for various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal. Keyword: Responsive Design/Mobile Friendliness.

If you're developing your own theme, take a look at Google's new guidelines.

Under the slogan It's time to go #mobilefriendly announced Google in a post in the Google Webmaster center Blog extensive assistance documents for mobile optimization. The three main destinations for your website (Google):

1. make it easy for your visitors:

Design your website so that your visitors can easily perform general tasks.

Measure the effectiveness of your website by how easily visitors can do the important things.

  • Set priorities
  • Design your website primarily functional
  • A pretty website is great, but in the end it's how well your visitor has achieved his goals that counts. So above all, design your website so that your visitors can easily fulfil the most important tasks
  • Create a consistent and end-to-end user experience

3. select a design that is consistent on all devices.

  • Use Responsive Webdesign

  • Use a common URL for desktop website and mobile website

Basics VI

Read guidelines for your WCMS at Google

For the most common CMS variants such as WordPress or Joomla, you will find tips on Google for creating new, mobile-optimized websites or adapting existing pages.

In the various guidelines, the special features of the respective CMS are taken into account. For example, WordPress decides whether the website is hosted by WordPress.com or operated on its own domain.

For the following CMS there are suitable instructions (Google Developers):

For all those who have not yet dealt with the presentation of their website on mobile devices, it is now time, because Google intends to punish non-optimized mobile sites with a worse ranking in the future.

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