Cloud Server Use Case: Software Development and Testing

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The 1&1 Serveur Cloudplatform provides quick deployment of servers with flexible configuration options, which makes it ideal for software dvelopment. In this use case we will explore how the 1&1 IONOSCloud Platform can be a valuable tool for a software development and testing project with members working from multiple remote locations.

Use Case: Software Development and Testing

In the following scenarios, a team of software developers and testers needs a solution for their project. The developers and testers are working from multiple remote locations around the world, so an in-house network is not ideal.

Furthermore, the teams need to be able to provision and test their software on many different platform configurations. They have found that this is time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to do by hand.

Scenario 1: Securing the Network

Because security and privacy is a critical component for the client's development process, they want to "lock down" access to the servers so that only authorized users can connect to them. Furthermore, they want the option to provision servers as either public-facing or private (no public internet access).

The client uses the 1&1 Cloud Panel to create a free VPN by following the steps in this tutorial. After downloading and installing the VPN configuration file on their PC, each developer now has a secure, private connection to the servers on the VPN.

The team then uses the 1&1 Cloud Panel to create a free Private Network. Any servers assigned to the Private Network will not be accessible by the public internet. The developers can access the servers by connecting with the VPN.

Read more about setting up a Private Network in the article Overview: Private Network.

Scenario 2: Global Access

Because the 1&1 Serveur Clouds are hosted at 1&1 IONOS's global network of data centers, they offer high availability worldwide. Servers can be provisioned in data centers in Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which ensures that the developers always have the shortest route to their respective servers.

Using 1&1 Serveur Clouds also spares the development team from having to host and maintain their own infrastructure. There is no need to troubleshoot hardware or network configurations. All the developers need to do is create the server they need, then get right to work using it.

Scenario 3: Easy Provisioning

1&1 Serveur Clouds are available in a variety of sizes, hardware configurations, and operating system options. Each 1&1 Serveur Cloudcan be provisioned with a few clicks, and takes only minutes to be built.

In addition, root access 1&1 Serveur Clouds can be configured with Docker. Docker is one of the most popular container systems available, and is widely used for software development and testing. Docker and allows the developers to provision containers based on the exact specifications needed.