The IONOS Cloud Wins Comparative Test by IT-Administrator

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In a comparative test, the tech magazine IT-Administrator examined the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings of four cloud and hosting providers - 1&1 IONOS, Gridscale, Hetzner and OVH.

The four providers are all active in German-speaking countries and their services are targeted at professional customers. Large providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon, as well as providers for pure VM hosting without additional infrastructure, were deliberately left out of the test, in order to focus on "self-service" providers.

The 1&1 IONOS Cloud outperformed its competitors in the overall ranking and performed well in every category. On a scale of 0 (feature not available) to 10 (feature is far superior to technically comparable products), five criteria were evaluated:

  • Management Interface
  • Software/OS Selection
  • Virtual Hardware
  • Security Functions
  • Network Functions

1&1 IONOS Cloud received the highest score for its management interface (8 points and thus clearly above the standard) and received high scores in the software/OS selection, the virtual hardware, the security functions and the network functions (7 points each and thus slightly superior to the standard).

When creating a server in the Cloud Panel, the customer can choose between Cloud and Dedicated Server options. The current test looked at the Cloud variant. The login interface, as well as the Cloud Panel interface used for administration, was determined by IT-Administrator to be very clear and reliable. A load balancer, firewall and private network is included in the price of the 1&1 IONOS Cloud, and the customer can choose between various pre-configured packages or set up his cloud server completely as desired.

It was rated particularly well for providing customers default configurations when setting up services, such as the load balancer. This makes installation and quick deployment much easier. There are over 40 different applications to choose from, such as Docker or Wordpress, which can only be used with a Linux system. When you choose one of these applications, the Cloud Panel automatically handles the installation. A test was performed to install Docker and completed without issue.

The cloud solution of 1&1 IONOS was evaluated as robust and easy to use. Since prices can vary, however, customers should know in advance what their goal is with the cloud and plan exactly which components they want to install. But 1&1 IONOS also supports customers here in the best possible way: The Cloud Panel helps to keep track of the accounts and even shows a cost forecast for the current month.

The complete test report is available in german. Click here for download.

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