Install WordPress and Connect a Domain

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WordPress makes it easy to create stunning websites and blogs. Flexible, modern themes let you control the look and feel of your website and tell your story the way you want it. With plugins, you can easily extend your website with functions such as image galleries, SEO, forms, multiple languages and much more. More than 60 million people already tell breathtaking stories, share experiences or run an online shop with WordPress! Use your own domain to create a WordPress blog.

WordPress Visual

Starting the Setup Wizard

You can install WordPress easily with a setup wizard in the Espace Client:

  • You assign a title for your website
  • You create a WordPress Administrator account
  • You are connect an existing domain or subdomain to the WordPress site.

After these steps, the WordPress site is immediately accessible via the domain name chosen. The most important actions and the link to the WordPress user interface are found in the Websites & Stores section of the Espace Client. You can then use the previously created administrator account to perform all further steps in the WordPress user interface.

Login and install WordPressInstall WordPress

Set a Website Title and Your Login Info

  • Create your user name and your personal password
  • Select the language for the WordPress user interface.

You can change these settings later at any time in the WordPress user interface.

Connect With a Domain

You can now select a free domain from your package and assign it to the WordPress installation. You can change the domain again at any time.

Completing the Installation

Our assistant will take care of the setup for you:

  • The wizard installs WordPress on your web space.
  • Automatically creates and sets up the required database.
  • Creates your WordPress user.
  • Installs the desired language.

After the installation you can use WordPress immediately.

Log In and Get Started

You can access the admin area of your WordPress Web site directly from the Websites & Stores section.

  • Click Edit Website to go directly to your WordPress website.
  • Log in with your credentials and start creating your own website.

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