Repairing broken links of a WordPress installation


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To repair broken links after moving your WordPress website, after a domain change, or if you want to use a local copy for testing purposes. With the help of the Search & Replace plugin, this can be implemented quickly.

  • Go to the admin area of your local WordPress installation by entering the corresponding URL in your browser. In this example: http://localhost/wp-testumgebung/wp-admin
  • Install the plugin Find & Replace
  • For the plugin you just installed, click Settings
  • Enter the URL of your "online installation" in the Search for field.
  • Activate the option All - Search and Replace!
  • In the Replace with field, enter the URL of your local WordPress installation. In this example: http://localhost/wp-testumgebung/
  • Click Start.
Search & Replace

The changes are made.

  • Click Settings > Permalinks
  • Select Post name
  • Click Apply Changes

The links have been adjusted.

Simple alternative for domain change (Click & Build Free Mode)

Automatic Domain Changer is a plugin with which you can change the domain in a few steps. The plugin collects data to advance the development of the program.

If you are not so familiar with PHP scripts or with the Linux command line (SSH shell), this is the easiest method.

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