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You can move your WordPress Web site from another vendor to 1&1 IONOS. Your themes, plugins, posts, comments, categories and keywords will be fully adopted.

We recommend that you keep your domain. You can move your domain - so you benefit from free domains offered by many of our packages. This article describes the move while keeping the domain.


For the move you need:

  • FTP access to your existing site
  • phpMyAdmin access to your existing MySQL database
  • Access to DNS settings for your domain name
  • A web hosting package at 1&1 IONOS

The move is simple, but takes some time. So plan on 30-45 minutes and choose the right moment for the move.

Move in 3 steps
  • Database export and data backup from your old provider
  • Preparation and setup for 1&1 IONOS
  • Database import and adjustments for 1&1 IONOS


Your move in three steps

Download existing page from other webhosting provider

Learn how to export your existing WordPress database and download WordPress files from another web hosting provider.

Export MySQL Database
  • Register with your old hosting provider and open phpMyAdmin.
  • Create a MySQL export of the database you are using for your WordPress installation.
  • Backup your MySQL database with phpMyAdmin
  • Save the exported MySQL database on your computer.

Find out more

If the option Quick - Show only necessary options is not available in the version of phpMyAdmin you are using, you can find more information about exporting in WordPress Codex, in the 1&1 Centre d'Assistance or on the help pages of your old hosting provider.

Download WordPress files
  • Connect via SFTP (Linux Hosting) or FTPS (Windows Hosting) to your existing webspace at your old hosting provider. You can use FileZilla as FTP
    client for example. The FTP settings and information on how to create an FTP user can be found in the customer area of your old provider.
  • Install and run FileZilla
  • Copy your WordPress files to your computer: -
    Copy all WordPress main folders: wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes -
    Copy all files whose file name contains wp- in the WordPress root directory -
    If you are unsure, you can also simply copy the entire WordPress root directory. In the worst case, copy a few unneeded files...

Set up a new web hosting account at 1&1 IONOS

To import your WordPress Web site, you need a web space and a database at 1&1 IONOS.

Create FTP user

You can easily create a new secure sFTP access in the Espace Client very simple.

Set up MySQL database

Now you should set up MySQL database in the Espace Client.

Prepare and import files

In this step you adjust the database settings, upload the WordPress files to the 1&1 IONOSwebspace and import your MySQL database.

Prepare WordPress files (wp-config.php)
  • Open the file wp-config.php in the root directory with a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++.
  • Adjust the following entries:
 /** The name of the database for WordPress */
define('DB_NAME', '1&1 IONOSdatabasename');
/** MySQL database username */
define('DB_USER', '1&1 IONOSusername');
/** MySQL database password */
define('DB_PASSWORD', '1&1 IONOSpassword');
/** MySQL hostname */ define('DB_HOST', '1&1 IONOShostname');
  • Use the database name, database user name, password, and hostname that you have 1&1 IONOSassigned to your MySQL database at
  • Save the file
Upload WordPress files with SFTP or FTPS
  • Launch FileZilla
  • Select File > Server Manager from the menu.
  • Click New Server and enter the following data:
    • - Server: Your domain or subdomain
    • - Port: 22 (SFTP) or 21 (FTPS)
    • - Protocol: SFTP or FTPS - Encryption: Requires explicit FTP over TLS
    • - User and password: Use the FTP user name and password you just created.
  • Click Connect.
  • Upload a copy of all WordPress files and folders to the root/meine-wordpress-website/ directory.

Find out more Overview of settings for FTP/FTPS/SFTP

Import database

To complete the move, you must now import the MySQL database:

Recover MySQL database with phpMyAdmin

Find out more 1044 - "Access denied" error when importing a MySQL database

Connect domain to WordPress website (Connect webspace)

In order for your website to be accessible on the Internet under your domain, you must connect the domain to the directory of your website on your web space at 1&1 IONOS .


  • The domain you've been using with WordPress has already moved to 1&1 IONOS .
  • The domain has the status Active.

Connect domain to webspace:

To connect your domain to the webspace, you need to Espace Clientchange the "usage" in the "Usage" field: Changing the usage type of a domain

Optional: Adapt defective links of a WordPress installation

To repair broken links after moving your WordPress website, after a domain change, or if you want to use a local copy for testing purposes: Repair broken links

Alternative: New installation with Click & Build and import of your content

If you want to start with a new WordPress or want to test the performance in advance, you can simply install WordPress via Click & Build . You can later import your content into the new system at any time.

The most important properties of Click & Build:

  • Easy installation via our intelligent wizard
  • Install plug-ins and themes recommended by our experts with a single click
  • Full admin rights and flexibility in Free Mode or 1&1 IONOStested security in Safe Mode
  • Quickly test different apps (WCMS): When installing an Click & Buildapplication, select
    the automatic trial version to easily compare different apps to find the best solution for your project.
  • Expert support for many apps: Our
    experts for the most popular OpenSource applications offer you qualified support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Lots of apps, e.g.: -
    WordPress -
    Drupal -
    Joomla -
    TYPO3 -
    Magento -
    MySQL -

For more information on importing content, see the WordPress Codex.

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