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Crisp Vendor Universe Cloud-Computing-Report 2018

Enterprise Cloud by 1 & 1 IONOS as an accelerator in the Cloud Platforms category - IaaS & PaaS honoured

Enterprise Cloud by 1&1 IONOS continues to strengthen its position as an accelerator in the CLOUD PLATFORMS category—IAAS & PAAS

Among other things, experts believe this is due to the following factors:

  • IaaS operation in Germany with strong data privacy protections
  • Excellent transparency and customer centricity with competent and personal contact partners
  • Extensive range of IaaS und PaaS services for the public cloud, as well as dedicated cloud servers from the 1&1 IONOS portfolio
  • Services such as the Data Center Designer and modern APIs
  • Extremely strict data privacy and security requirements
  • Data centers are also available in the United States when needed or for international companies

* The rating criteria in the Crisp Vendor Universe are divided into the two main categories of “Service/Product Value Creation” and “Vendor Performance.” “Service/Product Value Creation” focuses on market maturity. “Vendor Performance” considers the presence and market strategy of providers in the cloud computing segment.

Rating for the cloud computing portfolio by 1&1 IONOS

21 providers qualified as relevant market players for the final analysis in the key category of CLOUD PLATFORMS. Like last year, these included 8 portfolios which, as so-called accelerators, are particularly attractive with regard to product maturity and vendor presence on the marketplace. 5 other portfolios were classed as innovators and are therefore equally in a position to offer an attractive range, but do not yet possess the necessary presence and strategic focus to make full use of this potential.

The Enterprise Cloud by 1&1 IONOS was rightly classified as an accelerator: While the Enterprise Cloud does no tick all the boxes required of a global cloud hyperscaler, 1&1 IONOS plays a key role in Germany with its Enterprise Cloud as one of the top 5 cloud infrastructures. With their clear focus on IaaS operations based in Germany, the IaaS infrastructures by 1&1 IONOS are a noteworthy alternative, in particular with respect to the tight data privacy controls in place. Customers always have a competent personal contact to analyze potential, as well as in live operations. The additional data centers in the USA ensure that multinationals can also benefit from the services.

With its Enterprise Cloud, 1&1 IONOS offers an extensive range of public cloud infrastructure and platform as a service features and additionally includes attractive dedicated cloud servers and dedicated bare metal servers in its portfolio. The integrated services mainly target freelance developers, agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises, but also larger corporations with operations concentrated mainly in Germany, Europe, and North America.

In addition, 1&1 IONOS is increasingly expanding its cloud data centers at other international locations as well. Boasting special value added services like the Data Center Designer and modern APIs, 1&1 IONOS has its sights set on efficient cloud management. Here, Containers and Managed Kubernetes are particularly remarkable examples of the company’s strong performance. What’s more, ProfitBricks satisfies the highest standards of data privacy and security thanks to its headquarters and data center in Germany.

Profiling ProfitBricks for cloud platforms

Analyst view

Offering a high-performance and cost-efficient IaaS and PaaS range, 1&1 IONOS is among the accelerators in the cloud platform segment. Despite its regional focus, the vendor can keep up with the international market leaders and is an attractive alternative for medium-sized enterprises pursuing a regional strategy in particular. The outstanding transparency and customer centricity, as well as rigorous data privacy promises, make the 1&1 IONOS portfolio an interesting option for “cloud novices” as well.


  • Adherence to the strictest data privacy and compliance requirements thanks to the location of the company and the data center
  • Long track record as the first German IaaS provider and a long list of customer references for all enterprise sizes
  • Transparent product and pricing model for an easy entry into cloud infrastructure—especially for SMEs


  • Ecosystem of sales and managed service partners needs to be expanded compared to hyperscalers
  • Limited number of platform services
  • Global data center footprint still in its early stages
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Crisp Vendor Universe 2018

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